Academic Minor in Aging Studies - Requirements
Minor in Aging Studies
School of Health Professions and Education  ♦  Undergraduate and Graduate Options

Academic Minor in Aging Studies

18 credit  program  ♦  multidisciplinary curriculum

Total credit hours required for minor: 18

Academic Requirements:

Course Credit Hours
Required Courses
Aging Studies 101 Introduction to Aging 3
Aging Studies/Biology 214 Biology of Aging 3
Aging Studies 411 Aging and Mental Health 3
Electives: (9 credits)
At least one must be in Aging Studies
Aging Studies 218 Rural Elderly  
Aging Studies 270 Community Placement  
Aging Studies 300 Special Topics  
Aging Studies 310 Writing with Older Adults  
Aging Studies 315 Aging & Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities  
Aging Studies 320 Supportive Senior Housing  
Aging Studies 400 Special Topics in Aging Studies  
Anthropology 449 Anthropology of Aging  
Communication 237 Introduction to Health Communication
(Note: COM 101 or 103 prereq)
Economics 375 Health Economics  
Government 332 Public Administration  
Health Studies 337 Care of the Human Spirit  
Management 101 Introduction to Contemporary Business  
Philosophy 385 Healthcare Ethics  
Psychology 237 Group Dynamics  
Psychology 327 Adulthood and Aging  
Psych-Child Life 374
Psychology 372
The Helping Relationship

The Counseling and Interviewing Process
Psych-Child Life 375 Death, Dying, and Bereavement  
Sociology 307 Bureaucracy and Culture: U.S. Health Care System  
Therapeutic Recreation 315 Leisure, Health and Wellness  
 Total:   18 

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