Major in Aging Studies
Minor in Aging Studies

Bachelor of Arts Degree • School of Health Professions
and Education

Aging Studies: The UC Advantage

The aging studies major at Utica College combines extensive interdisciplinary study and research with participatory learning, enabling students to develop valuable expertise in a discipline that entails the physical, mental, and sociological study of individuals as they grow from middle age through later life.

Aging Studies at Utica CollegeDrawing on such diverse areas as the sciences, anthropology, communication, psychology, health sciences, management, and more, the aging studies major prepares you for success in a broad range of professions that demand a comprehensive understanding of this process of growth and the specific, complex issues that confront aging individuals and their families. 


The study is interdisciplinary in its approach, integrating information from such separate areas of study as
  • the sciences
  • anthropology
  • psychology
  • philosophy
  • statistics
  • health studies
  • management
  • communication
  • public relations
  • therapeutic recreation
The program culminates in a capstone internship project during the student's senior year.

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Program Student Learning Goals

Career Outcomes

Our students graduate with the professional knowledge, skills, and experience required to pursue 21st century careers. While some graduates continue their studies in graduate school, others accept entry to mid-level positions with:
  • departments of social services
  • hospice
  • faith-based agencies
  • community-based agencies
  • planning departments
  • senior citizen centers
  • state offices on aging
  • educational and research settings
  • long-term care
  • insurance agencies
  • congregate housing
  • assisted living facilities


Sarah Burnett-Wolle, Ph.D.
Chair, Aging Studies
219 White Hall

(315) 223-2576
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