Fieldwork is required in all undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs at Utica College. Courses leading to teacher certification have fieldwork as part of the course requirements. Fieldwork will help you learn about children, teachers, curricula, teaching skills, and will help you get a job that you like.

While at the fieldwork setting, you are required to keep a fieldwork log and have your mentor teacher fill out a fieldwork evaluation form (both forms are linked below). Remember to make a copy of your fieldwork logs for your records before handing them in.

New York State Education Department requires a minimum of 100 hours of fieldwork prior to student teaching. Of the 100 hours, 50 must be in high-needs. After the minimum number of hours have been met, students can apply for a fieldwork reduction card (see the form below).

Refer to the Utica College Teacher Education Program Handbook for information regarding observation guidelines, activities to perform at field sites, and a list of high-needs school districts. 


> Fieldwork Log Form

> Fieldwork Evaluation Form

> Fieldwork Reduction Form