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Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program

School of Health Professions and Education

Utica College has approved a new physical therapy curriculum that, among other changes, now requires summer classes.  The Department of Education for New York State approved the curriculum on May 1, 2013.

An extensive review of the curriculum was completed during the 2012-2013 academic year. The three year professional program will occur over 9 semesters, including three summer semesters (a common design for most doctoral programs in physical therapy). Enrollment in summer classes will have financial implications and students are encouraged to contact Student Financial Services to understand and plan for the costs associated with this doctoral education.

The curriculum differs from the prior one in design, delivery and total credit hours and was created with a dual purpose: to enhance the educational experience for our students while leading to improved program outcomes. The curriculum integrates traditional instruction with case analysis to guide, stimulate, and challenge student learning, while fostering development as professionals with sound reasoning skills.

Capstone projects under faculty supervision provide opportunities for students to meet the profession’s expectation for students to become consumers of research. A progression of critical inquiry and evidence based practice will result in case reports or systematic reviews.

Students will participate in 30 weeks of full-time clinical education experiences in a variety of settings, working with individuals across the lifespan. The final two semesters (Fall and Spring) in the third year are devoted to clinical education. In addition, four integrated clinical experiences occur during the academic semesters on campus, providing experiential learning in community settings with emphasis on prevention and wellness.

Students will continue in the three year doctoral program and pending successful completion of all program requirements will graduate with the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in the spring semester of the third year.

Doctor of Physical Therapy: Entry Level Program

Proposed dates apply to students entering June 2013

Similar dates anticipated for future cohorts

 Number  Course  Credits
Summer 1 June 16, 2014 – August 1, 2014  7 credits
DPT 561 Professional Development I: Introduction to Physical Therapy  1
DPT 564  Human Gross Anatomy  6
Fall 1 Foundations of Physical Therapy 16 credits
DPT 582  Clinical Sciences Foundation   3
DPT 584  Movement Science   3
DPT 586  Examination/Evaluation    4
DPT 587  Interventions  4
DPT 588  Prevention, Health Promotion and Wellness    1
DPT 589  Caring for the Community I   1
Spring 1 Patient Management: Musculoskeletal System 16 credits
DPT 591  Professional Development II  2
DPT 592 Clinical Sciences: Musculoskeletal System  3
DPT 593 Case Analysis: Musculoskeletal System   2
DPT 595  Evidence in Clinical Practice I  2
DPT 596 Examination/Evaluation of the Musculoskeletal System  3
DPT 597 Interventions for the Musculoskeletal System  3
DPT 599 Caring for the Community II  1
Summer 2 Neuroanatomy and Clinical Education I 10 credits
DPT 654  Neuroscience
  May 20, 2014 - June 24, 2014 
DPT 659  Clinical Education I
July 7 – August 22, 2014 (6 weeks within) 
Fall 2 Patient Management: Neuromuscular System 16 credits
DPT 682  Clinical Sciences: Neuromuscular System  3
DPT 683 Case Analysis: Neuromuscular System  2
DPT 684 Motor Development, Learning and Control   2
DPT 685 Evidence in Clinical Practice II   2
DPT 686 Examination/Evaluation of the Neuromuscular System   3
DPT 687 Interventions for the Neuromuscular System   3
DPT 689 Caring for the Community III   1
Spring 2 Patient Management: Additional Systems 16 credits
DPT 692  Clinical Sciences: Additional Systems  3
DPT 693 Case Analysis: Additional Systems   2
DPT 695 Evidence in Clinical Practice III – Capstone Experience   2
DPT 696 Examination/Interventions: Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, and Other Systems    4
DPT 697 Examination/Interventions: Integumentary and Other Systems   4
DPT 699 Caring for the Community IV   1
Summer 3 Patient Management: Multi-Systems (DATES TBD) 6 credits
DPT 751  Professional Development III   3
DPT 753 Case Analysis - Clinical Decision Making: Multi-Systems   2
DPT 756 Examination/Interventions: Multi-Systems   1
Fall 3 Clinical Education 12 credits
DPT 779  Clinical Education II   12
Spring 3 Clinical Education: Preparation for Transition to Licensed Professional 13 credits
DPT 789 Clinical Education III   12
DPT 789 Practice Exam and Assessment Tool (PEAT)   1
   Total Credits: 112

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