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Utica College Undergraduate Catalog (2004-05)

Each section of the online undergraduate catalog links to either a .PDF file or an HTML document. Some sections contain a list of subsections which can be opened by clicking the plus sign (+) or closed by clicking the minus sign (-) to the left of the name.

The Catalog

Accreditation Information/Non-Discrimination Policy (16.3K PDF file)
Academic Calendar
Mission Statement (10.6K PDF file)
Utica College in Brief (20.6K PDF file)
The Campus (46.7K PDF file)
The Community (19.0K PDF file)
The Undergraduate Program (129K PDF file)
Academic Requirements
Basic Academic Skills
Honors Program
International Opportunities and Study Abroad
Acceleration of Study
Competency and Experience Credit
Cooperative Education
Washington Internships
Higher Education Opportunity Programs (HEOP)
Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)
Young Scholars Liberty Partnerships Program
Preparation for Graduate and Professional Schools
Joint Health Professions Programs
Second Undergraduate Degrees
Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)
Division of Graduate and Continuing Education
Institutes and Centers (41.3K PDF file)
Student Life (54.6K PDF file)
Student Activities (89.3K PDF file)
Admission to Utica College (48.0K PDF file)
Tuition and Expenses (39.0K PDF file)
Financial Aid (118K PDF file)
Scholarships, Grants and Awards (177K PDF file)
Academic Regulations (114K PDF file)
Programs of Study
Courses of Instruction
Administrative Officers and Staff (90.1K PDF file) See also: Faculty and Staff Directory
Board of Trustees (31.2K PDF file)
Alumni Association, National Alumni Council (22.6K PDF file)
Faculty (152K PDF file) See also: Faculty and Staff Directory
Honorary Degrees (31.7K PDF file)
Affiliate Facilities and Associate Clinical Faculty (80.4K PDF file)
Campus Map

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