Minor in Writing

Minor in Writing

Arts and Sciences Division

The minor in writing is designed to develop the student's proficiency in a variety of forms of written communication and is open to English and non-English majors. Although the minor does not purport to be a training program for professional writers, students will find the minor helpful in preparing for careers in business and the sciences since these require an ability to effectively use written language. Also, because writing skills increasingly are emphasized in English classes at all educational levels, students interested in teaching will find this minor particularly useful.

Total credit hours required for minor: 15

Course Credit Hours
Required Courses
English 304 Advanced Composition 3
English 311 Modern English Grammar 3
Any three of the following courses:
English 307 Beginning Creative Writing 3
English 315 Writing in the Professions 3
English 372 Studies in Short Fiction 3
English 374 Forms and Arts of Poetry 3
English 406 Advanced Fiction Workshop 3
English 407 Advanced Poetry Workshop 3
Journalism Studies 261 Newswriting 3
Journalism Studies 262 Reporting 3
Journalism Studies 363 Magazine Article Writing 3


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