Minor in Literature

Minor in Literature

School of Arts and Sciences

The minor in literature allows the student to become acquainted with the greatest writers of all ages. The masterpieces offered here provide aesthetic, cultural, philosophical, and psychological enrichment. Beyond the personal value this minor could have for any student, it is recommended especially to students with professional goals, such as the study of law or medicine; to majors in career areas requiring knowledge of people and culture, such as journalism, management, social work, and health-related programs; and to majors in related areas of the liberal arts, such as history, government and politics, psychology, and philosophy. Students should consult their major advisers about the appropriateness of this minor for their majors. This minor is not open to English majors.

Total credit hours required for minor: 21

Course Credit Hours
Required Courses
Three of the following courses:
English 195 American Literature and Culture 3
English 245 Major Figures in English Literature: Through the 18th Century 3
English 246 Major Figures in English Literature: Since the 18th Century 3
World Literature 205 Masterpieces of Western Literature: Through the Renaissance 3
World Literature 206 Masterpieces of Western Literature: Since the Renaissance 3
English 367 Shakespearean Drama 3
One 300/400-level course in each of the following areas*:
American literature 3
British literature 3
World literature 3

* Genre courses (e.g., English 372) will count toward the area their syllabi most reflect.

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