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Minor in English Language

School of Arts and Sciences

The minor in English language is designed to provide an added area of competency for students majoring in disciplines other than English and is not open to English majors. It entails the study of language theory and structure and offers the opportunity for practical application of theoretical concepts. While the minor is offered under the auspices of the School of Arts and Sciences, it includes language-related courses offered in other divisions as course options.

Because many professions require an understanding and effective use of language, this minor will be helpful to students preparing for various careers, both in terms of increasing their linguistic competence and in gaining employment. Students interested in minoring in English language should consult their major advisers about the appropriateness of this minor for their major.

Total credit hours required for minor: 18

Course Credit Hours
Required Courses
English 311 Modern English Grammar 3
English 318 Introduction to Linguistics 3
English 408 History of the English Language 3
One or two of the following courses: 3-6
English 245 Major Figures in English Literature 3
English 316 Principles and Practices of ESL 3
English 317 ESL through the Subject Areas 3
English 335 Literature of the Tudor Period 3
English 336 Literature of the Early Stuart Period 3
English 345 Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature 3
English 367 Shakespearean Drama 3
Optional Courses
One or two of the following courses: 3-6
Communications 235 Introduction to Oral Interpretations 3
Journalism 261 Newswriting 3
Journalism 363 Magazine Article Writing 3
English 304 Advanced Composition 3
English 313 American Social Dialects 3
English 315 Writing in the Professions 3
Anthropology/English 351 Language and Culture 3

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