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Studying Creative Writing at Utica College

The minor in creative writing is designed to provide an added area of competency for students. It entails the study of creative writing in multiple genres as well as the literary traditions of:
  • short fiction
  • the novel
  • poetry

In addition to the personal value this minor will have for any student, it will help students preparing for many professions as they develop their communication and rhetorical skills and practice thinking creatively. In workshops, students learn how to critique effectively their own and others’ writing.

Students should consult their major advisers about the appropriateness of this minor for their majors.  

Academic Requirements  

Total credit hours required for minor: 18

Course Credit Hours
Required Courses  
English 307  Beginning Creative Writing  3
English 406
English 407
Advanced Fiction Workshop

Advanced Poetry Workshop

English 477
English 478
Senior Seminar in Creative Writing: Fiction

Senior Seminar in Creative Writing: Poetry

Choose three of the following courses  
English 372 Studies in Short Fiction 3
English 373 The Novel   3
English 374  Forms and Art of Poetry 3
English 396 American Literature: 1945 to the Present 3
English 397 Contemporary American Poetry  3
Total:  18


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